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Izabella Cąpała

I am a psychologist who graduated from the faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. My desire to understand the mysteries of the human mind turned into a passion for working with people. Time passed by and my interests led meto the field of psychotherapy. I believe it's a good form of helping people who need to resolve problems and conflicts to sort their life out. To enrich my knowledge of psychotherapeutic counselling I completed "Psychological Help" course and graduated from the School of Psychotherapy at Intra Centre. I am a member of the Polish Psychological Society and the Polish Association of Integrative Psychotherapy . I have also been involved in individual and group meetings at the Department of Psychiatric Help at 6 Gruzinska Street in Warsaw. The majority of patients were suffering from depression and neurosis. On top of work as a psychotherapist

I have also led a therapeutic group for divorced women and single parents at The Social Welfare center Zoliborz in Warsaw.

As I mentioned above I'm a psychotherapist on a daily basis. I meet people who feel lost, suffer from a constant sadness, mood disorders and sleeplessness. I genuinely believe that every person has an ability to overcome problems and psychotherapy gives many ways to bring this power back. I am also a certified ICC coach which enables me to help people who want to develop and achieve their goals? both personal and professional.

Grażyna Smuszowicz 

I graduated from Wroclaw University (Psychology Department) in 1976. For many years I worked in so-called business for foreign corporations handling entirely different realm. Psychology, however, has always been my passion. One day I realized that something was missing and that I had to go back to psychology.

To pursue my passion I completed course of Psychological Help and School of Psychotherapy in Psychological Support and Education Center INTRA ( 4 years ). I took an annual practice at Center of Social Assistance in Zurawia Street, Warsaw.

I am a member of the PTP. For the last couple of years I have treated patients in a private therapy center ?Sensum? in Niecala Sreet in Warsaw.

I specialize in individual therapy focused on a client. I work in integrative approach, using the achievements of different schools of psychotherapy, depending on the needs of a patient however humanistic existential approach and body orientated therapy I find the most useful and sufficient.

I work with people who: have problems with self-acceptance, feel unhappy, lonely and hurt, suffer from mood disorders, have problems in social relationships, fear of intimacy, feel empty do not use their potential I accompany my patients in emergency situations, help them to solve problems, support them in building self-esteem and getting to know themselves better. Together we identify time patterns of the past which prevent a patient from living a satisfying life. My ambition is that a patient who completed the therapy is able to use his potential and live a happier life. I have lived in the USA for a few years and I can work in English. Feel invited.


Karolina Kuhn

I am a psychologist, I graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. I began my professional career in Human Resources and a possibility to get to know and help others has quickly become my passion.

I finished postgraduate studies in INTRA's Psychotherapy School and did an internship in the Social Service Centre Warszawa-Śródmieście. I have been working in SENSUM since 2007. In 2009 I took part in the Core Essential Fast Track Programme (CEFTP), accredited by the International Coach Federation, which has allowed me to work as a coach.

I believe that most of us have moments in life, when it is all too much, when the world outside is hostile and complicated. We do not often understand what is happening to us, why we are behaving in a particular way, where our pain comes from and how to cope with it. Psychotherapy gives us a possibility to get to know ourselves better, to take the right steps in a life we define.

I work under supervision. Languages: Polish, English, French.